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Words of appreciation from several of Joyce's satisfied customers...

Hi Joyce,

We had the big unveiling this afternoon and I must say that there was a room full of admirers of your artistry.

My wife, and Cha-Cha's mama, had the following reactions:

  • I wouldn't change a thing.
  • Absolutely spectacular.
  • Exceeded my expectations.
  • Possibly even better than the one Joyce did of Sparky in 1990.
  • If the frame shop screws up on this then they'll be dealing with me - because this is now Cha-Cha.

From my point of view, your choice of background is spectacular and the depth of detail that you captured, including the way her stray strands of fur can make funny little curls is so intuitive. How you captured the personality of our little girl from just a few images sent by computer is truly a testament to your artistic talent.

Once everything is framed I'll try to send you a picture so you can see how your work has been showcased.

Many thanks again,


Back in the late 80's, I had one very poor quality picture of a favourite cat of mine. I had my doubts that anyone would be able to re-create his essence from a picture that didn't even show his face and a 5 minute conversation about his personality, but I put my faith in you all the same based on the work you had displayed in your booth.

I received my portrait from you a few weeks later, and after all of these years, I am still amazed at how perfectly you captured O'Malley, The Alley Cat! You could not have recreated his style, and that unique look he had in his eyes any better if he had been your own cat!

I still have your portrait proudly displayed in my home. My family still talks about your awsome gift everytime they come over and look at O'Malley's portrait -

20 years later!

Thanks again,

Angela Talon.

Good Morning Joyce,

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, as you made our's very special. My husband loved Waldo's portrait. The portrait is framed and hanging in our family room. It is beautiful and every time I walked by it or it catches my eye I just have to stop and stare, it brings tears to my eyes. You have given us a very special gift. I cannot find words to tell you how very grateful I am for the time and effort you put into the portrait. You are a truly gifted artist and your love of animals shows through in the work that you do.

Once again thank you so very much.

All the best to you and your family in the New Year.



P.S. I guess you have realized that we require no changes made, it is perfect.


Sheila Murdoch


There are simply no words to express my thanks to you for the most BEAUTIFUL portrait l have ever took my breath away and left everyone who saw it, in awe including me and the kids.

It is sooooo exactly them and soooo real it is like they are back and l could reach out and touch them.... and Friday Feb 11th when it arrived, was exactly 2 years to the day of the fire...

I cried when l saw it but it was tears of happiness as it is sooooo beautiful and soooo real and simply PRICELESS.

Thank you Joyce from the bottom of my heart for everything you did... l LOVE IT... you are an amazingly talented lady...simply amazing.... and l am so glad l picked up your card in Centre Mall in 2002 where the portraits l saw there of yours brought tears to my eyes and left me dreaming of one day having you do one for me... l didn't dream it would be under the circumstances it was though, thru fire.

Wow... you have no idea how much this portrait means to me... it is now one of my most valued possessions. l will CHERISH this for the rest of my life...


THANK YOU JOYCE... words just can't say how much l love it, nor how grateful l am... I will send you a photo after it is framed (having a pro do it) when it is on my mantel with the light shining on it....

With Love from your friend....

Cary & children
Tara, Andrea, Bradley, Brett & Bronson Horning

"Dear Joyce:

I wanted to pass on to you that I am absolutely thrilled with the portrait of Riley. It is just perfect.

Riley is the 4-legged love of my life and there is nothing that would have made me happier than to have him captured in portrait form! When I saw the finished portrait last night, I must admit that I actually cried. You captured the essence of Riley so perfectly that it took my breath away. Both Riley as a puppy and as an adult are so true to form in terms of who he is that I expect to see them breathing!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Having such a beautiful portrait of my little man means the world to me."

With sincere appreciation,

Wendy Fyles

"I wanted to thank you once again for all your hard work. The picture was absolutely beautiful and she just loves it.

I can never truly tell you in words how thankful I am Joyce. We both looked at your website and it is amazing. I had goosebumps looking through it and to be quite honest it takes a lot for me to get that way. Christy will be in touch with you soon I'm sure and I will make sure I stay in touch as well."

God Bless !!

John McGraw

"Dear Joyce,

Diane Warnes and her daughter, Michelle and the family gave us the most wonderful gift at Christmas. It was your spectacular artwork of our three precious dogs. The title they said was "Yours, Mine and Ours". Daisy the Sheltie was mine, Poochie was Mike's, and the "Our" is our puppy we now have called Duchess (Duchee). Daisy and Poochie are now gone and this wonderful puppy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, is "Ours". We love her. Mike gave her to me on my 65th birthday. The best present I've ever gotten!

You are so very talented. When I look at this picture I feel I could reach out and touch each pet. Their eyes are so expressive and warm. They are truly gazing back at us with love. I lost Daisy tragically and I choke up every time I look at her. Now she is with me. We have the picture hanging in the living room on a wall that we can see as we sit by the fireplace. I feel very contented when I look up at them.

Thank you so very much. I'm so happy that Diane and Michelle met you. I know they were very impressed with your work when they saw it for the first time. What a wonderful gift from them. What an amazing gift from you. You are truly blessed with this marvelous talent."

Mike and Sonya Proctor