About Joyce Betts
Some people are just born with "it"...

Such is the case with my sister, Joyce Betts.

Her art became her passion early in life and despite the lack of formal training, with the exception of her high school years at Central Secondary School in Hamilton Ontario, Joyce has excelled in producing some of the finest animal portraits available today and is best known for her unique ability to capture the very essence of the animals in the portraits she creates. Her work can be seen around the world and has been published in many equine trade magazines and catalogues.


No awards... no name dropping... no government grants...

...just her work.

And Joyce's work speaks for itself!

What Joyce does is more than just copying a photo.... more than just details....

Joyce has the gift of being able to capture the very spirit of the animal. Her paintings have three-dimensional depth, breathing with vitality and life! Joyce has a intuitive and strong sense of the very essence of the animals she paints.

It's about feelings - completing her portrait with her very own special touch... by painting the aura around the animal or adding special little sparks or stars.

Whatever it is... you can be assured Joyce will create a beautiful, heart-felt masterpiece.

After looking at all the rest.... you've come to the best!

Your animal's portrait is Joyce's life work and full-time commitment, allowing her to deliver very high quality portraits at reasonable and affordable rates.

Along with her incredible skill in pastels and acrylics, Joyce also excels in other artistic disciplines including sculpture and air brushing. She has painted everything from a swimming pool ( with sea horses and mermaids ) to wall murals, portraits of peoples' homes, cottages, boats, cars and bikes. She also paints wild life, landscapes and fantasy. In addition to all of her wonderful skills, she shares her knowledge by teaching art every weekend.

Even with all of these commitments to her artistic endeavours, somehow Joyce also finds the time for her other passion in life; breeding horses.

Georgian Grandes are a blend of Saddlebred and draft cross. That seems fitting because these horses are an artists dream to paint, and ride. They're big, flashy, animated horses, that are easy to train and ride. They're also a "multi-task" horse, as most are competing in dressage, combine driving, jumping or just wonderful family horses.

But that's another story...